• Introductions
• Why are we here?
• What do we want to see done this semester?
o Have more of a presense on campus.
o Some academic programs here at Smith require you to take an unpaid internship, which not everyone has the privilege of being able to do.
o If Praxis is thereoretically available to ALL students and not all students use theirs, why should students, specifically of high financial need, not be able to get a second Praxis?
o Aside from all the unpaid, corporate internships the CDO e-mails us, they need to e-mail us more internships that are non-corporate and paid.
o Draft a letter for the CDO about issues we have with their failure to be sufficiently helpful to lower-income students.
o Bring someone from Admissions in and talk with them about how decisions are made in regard to socio-economic status of students. What role does legacy play and to what extent?
o Create a list of sympthatic professors.
o Go into high schools around the area and talk to students about college decisions coming from a low-income background. Find a list of scholarship opportunities for students in the area?
o Regularly attend the Campus Climate Open Forums to hold Smith accountable for its promises.
o Sneak into the MoHo and Smith archives to find out information about past class activism organizations.
o Workshops with the Center for Popular Economics and Smith Alum Davey Shlasko
o Post-secret to gather impressions of class on campus and raise issues (maybe put a box outside SFS)
o Post on Smithie Complaints or create our own Tumblr.
o Mailing students on our work-study e-mail list?
o Open Mic Speak Out to raise class consciousness
o Funds for events with our houses so that everyone can be involved in house community?
o Showing the documentary to houses or going to house teas
o Work with other orgs to share our concerns