SACA Minutes // Tuesday, November 16, 2010
• We’re hoping to become more involved with the Ada Comstock Scholars
• Workshop was a success!
o At Smith, it is easy to take a lot of things for granted (i.e. that you have money and resources available) or ignored
o Smith is too polite in terms of talking about socio-economic class, even though it oppresses so many people. We’re too afraid to offend people.
• Nolan Arts Lounge Project ideas for next year – theme: home, but how do we express the socio-economic diversity at Smith without sending a message of exceptionalism?
• Any ideas for events? We’re planning for next semester!
• We plan to bring Davey back next semester for a day-long workshop, hopefully we can propose it as an institutionalized event including diversity reps and res life.
• We want to facilitate a discussion with the administration so that we can show that we are another minority voice on campus that needs to be heard. We want faculty to gain more consciousness of the socio-economic diversity on campus due to numerous insensitive comments that have been made (i.e. complaining about your salary in front of students who may have never known what it would be like to live in a household with even HALF of a professor’s salary).