• We made posters last week!
• Class workshop on Monday, November 15, 2010! From 6:30-8:30 in CC 102 with Smith Alum Davey Shlasko. This is a workshop to understand what class is, how it works, and how it affects relationships on campus.
• Association of Working Class Academics is going to have a conference at Furman College in South Carolina. Time is TBA. They’re very excited to have us there, so hopefully we can get funding from Smith to go!
• Next Tuesday at 7:30 in the Neilson Browsing Room there is an event about the campaign from over the summer about the events that happened over the summer with the dining and housing staff at Smith. Housing and dining were supposed to get raises this summer, but they did not. (Support Smith Women Workers Now!)
• We will be making posters for the Class Workshop mentioned above on this Sunday (11/7) at noon in Baldwin living room.
• Lisa Daniels came to SACA about a potential project. She is organizing a school supply drive for the lower-income school district she works for. SACA is going to work with her to support this drive. This school is a Level 4 school, meaning they are one level away from being taken over by the state, so this school supply drive is incredibly important.
• Winter coat/clothing drive starting on Thursday (November 4) to benefit families in Springfield, MA. Look for boxes in your houses.
• Deconstructing the front page of the Diversity handout (located in the Admissions Office) is very…interesting.