Smith Association of Class Activists // Tuesday, October 5, 2010
• Documentary was a success! Thanks to everyone who came!
• We are in talks with Daryl at the CDO to do a question and answer session for students specifically related to class and funding opportunities, graduate school, resumes, etc.
o Issues with peer advisers—not being sensitive to issues that working class or first-generation students face (new trainees will receive class awareness training)
• Chase Sackett U/FUSED (United for Undergraduate Socio-economic Diversity) “is a coalition of passionate students, student governments, and allies which works to improve socio-economic diversity as well as awareness at our nation’s top colleges and universities. To accomplish this goal, U/FUSED actively connects and develop chapters at other institutions of higher education across the country, while also compiling and developing policy on the subject” (
o Wants to create a larger network nation-wide of college students to push for public policy and create dialogues on campus surrounding class issues.
o We will give them updates on our progress, meetings, events, etc.
o If we join, we’ll be the first from the northeast and the fifth overall
• Trying to contact Mt. Holyoke’s newly formed (this year) class-action group
• Cross Class Alliances in Activism—A workshop that teaches how to become a better activist in general (not specific to class, but class will be included)
• Class Action workshop, November 10 (tentative)
• I, Emily Huesman, AM GOING TO MAKE A SACA WEBSITE (Okay, now I actually have to do this!)
• Joel Sacks does a show called Bread and Roses on Valley Free Radio (independent radio station in Florence) wants to interview SACA
• We’re going to talk with Women and Financial Independence to have them come to one of our meetings
• Association of Working Class Academics, an organization of working class professors and other academics that mentor working class college students. They have a conference once a year that we could potentially attend. $15 membership fee for the entire org.
• NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19 // 7:30PM // CC 003 (Lower level by the mailboxes)